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For sustainability & quality

Environmental concept

Quality assurance, sustainability and the environment are important to us. Regular controls ensure that work is carried out in the best possible way in the interests of the environment, quality and process assurance. Certifications help to observe all aspects and lead to more attention in the corresponding areas.

Sustainability in all dimensions

The Austrian Eco-Label

We live sustainability in all dimensions, towards people and the environment. As a reliable partner for customers and suppliers, we pay attention to a regionally and seasonally oriented purchasing policy, economical use of all resources and constantly optimize our measures to avoid waste.

Environmental policy is seen as an important management task and is carried out responsibly. However, we know that we can only succeed in implementing sustainability in all our activities as a team. Respectful interaction with one another is also an important part of our corporate philosophy. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and ensure fairness and equality among our employees.

We regularly discuss, inform and train at all levels to continuously improve in environmental protection and resource optimization and are proud to be certified with the Austrian Eco-Label for Tourism and Leisure Industry.

We make sure that our energy management meets modern requirements. The careful use of energy is particularly important to us. Our systematic energy management helps to sustainably reduce energy consumption – through continuous energy saving, renewable energy sources, the conscious use of energy and the training or awareness raising of employees. This benefits the environment and saves costs.

We try to avoid increased waste through conscious purchasing of all our products. And look to protect our environment through separation and environmentally sound recycling of unavoidable waste. Avoiding water pollution by using environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning agents sparingly.

Use of food from the region as well as from organic cultivation. In order to reduce our environmental impact, we strive to purchase more eco-labeled products and also inform our guests about ways to support our environmental goals.

The major environmental impacts that occur during the three phases of the service life cycle (purchase, provision, disposal) should be minimized as much as possible. In particular, they serve the following objectives:

» Limiting energy consumption,
» limiting water consumption,
» limiting the amount of waste,
» preferential use of renewable energy sources and of substances,
» which are less harmful to the environment,
» Promotion of environmental communication and education.

The catering industry makes an active contribution to the environment and animal welfare.
Through transparent criteria, we also provide orientation and incentive for consumers.

“That means we create awareness”

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