Cafe Frauenhuber Menu

Frauenhuber You can find more detailed information about all allergens on page 21 in the menu. 9 Viennese Desserts – from own production Kaiserschmarrn A.C.G. Browned omlette with stewed plums and apple sauce 13,90 Homemade warm chocolate cake C.F.G.H with chocolate filling and chocolate sauce 9,80 Viennese Crêpes A.C.G.O two pieces Curd C.G 9,80 Apricot jam 8,30 Chocolate with whipped creamG 9,80 Curd strudel A.C.G. 6,20 Apple strudel A.C.G. 6,20 Plum strudel A.G.C 6,20 Sachercake A.C.F.G. 6,80 or Housecake Esterházy cake A.C.F.G.O.H 6,80 Raspberry A.C.F.G. 6,80 yogurt cake Marzipan, coffeecream cake A.C.G.E 6,80 Stewed plums one portion 3,90 Cranberry sauce one portion 3,90 Whipped cream G one portion 1,20 Vanilla sauce G one portion 3,10 Take a look at our current cake offers in the showcase.