Cafe Frauenhuber Menu

Frauenhuber All prices in euro, incl. taxes, excl. tip 8 Hot Chocolate Cup of chocolate F.G large cup of hot chocolate and whipped cream 7,20 Viennese chocolate F.G hot chocolate with rum and whipped cream 9,50 „Frauenhuber“ F.G hot chocolate with Cointreau and whipped cream 9,50 Amaretto hot chocolate F.G hot chocolate with Amaretto and whipped cream 9,50 Tea Specialities in the teapot 6,90 Bio Rooibos Classic - Applestrudel Caffeeine free - South Africa Darjeeling Himalaya Second Flush Black tea - muscat flavour - India Assam TGBOP Premium blend of black teas - Assam Bio Earl Grey Black tea - Bergamot flavour Japan Chun Mee -greentea Aromatic green tea - Japan Tea of mixed berries - fruit tea Forest berries fruit tea Camomile tea Camomile infusion Hot Beverages Hot Lemonade hot water with lemon juice 4,60 Mulled wine red 6,90 Grog rum, sugar. hot water 6,20 Peppermint tea Peppermint infusion Mountain Herbs Finest herbal tea selection Ginger tea - lemongrass Ginger infusion Please ask for a jug of milk or lemon if required, free of charge