Cafe Frauenhuber Menu

Frauenhuber You can find more detailed information about all allergens on page 21 in the menu. 17 Smoked salmon A.C.G.D with horseradish cream, toast and butter 17,60 Beef Tatar Breakfast A.C.M.G two slices of toast – one serve of butter – original austrian beef (100 g) 18,90 Egg mayonnaise C.G.M.A.O with ham, vegetables and handmade roll 9,50 Sausages A in vinegar and oil, red ognions 9,50 + Handmade roll A.G. Soup Viennese soup pot A.C.L.G Beef soup with sliced pancakes, noodles, beef and fresh vegetables 11,50 Guolash soup A.G with roll, beef und potatoes 9,10 Soup in a big pot A.C.G.L beef soup with vegetables sliced pancakes 6,60 noodles 6,60 liver dumpling, homemade 6,60 appetizer