Cafe Frauenhuber Menu

Frauenhuber All prices in euro, incl. taxes, excl. tip 16 Breakfast-Extras Extras ButterG (Portion) 1,70 Jam hommade 2,90 Honey BIO 2,90 Nutella F.G.H 2,90 Natural yogurt BIO G.B 4,60 Fruitsalad with seasonal fruits 6,50 Yogurt with fresh fruits BIOG 8,40 Cheese G (Portion) 5,20 Ham (Portion) 5,20 Salami O (Portion) 5,20 portion mayonnaise C.M 1,10 Avocado Crostini A.G.H 8,90 Bircher Müsli A.E.F.A.H 8,90 portion ketchup 1,10 portion mustard 1,10 Bread & Small dishes Portion brown bread A.H 1,90 Handmade roll A.H.L 2,00 Kornspitz A.F.N 2,90 Croissant A.C.G.N 3,10 Bread topped with butter A.G.H 4,00 Roll topped with butter A.G.H 4,00 Bread topped with cheese A.G 6,80 Bread topped with ham and pickles A.G. 6,80 Toast with ham and cheese A.C.G. 7,80 Eier Benedict A.C.G butter-brioche, ham, 2 poached egg with sauce hollandaise 13,80 Scrambled eggs with sausage A.C.G Sacher sausage cut in scrambled eggs from three eggs 13,00 Vital Scrambled eggs C.G from two eggs with feta cheese, tomatoes, paprika and cucumber 12,50 Soft egg, bio C 2,50 Two eggs in the glass C 5,60 Fried egg C 3,00