Cafe Frauenhuber Menu

Frauenhuber All prices in euro, incl. taxes, excl. tip 6 Biedermeier G Double Espresso with Marzipan liqueur, chocolate and whipped cream 9,50 Mozart Kaffee G Double Espresso with Mozart liqueur, and whipped cream 9,50 Maria Theresia G Double Espresso with Apricot liqueur, and whipped cream 9,50 Fiaker G Double Espresso with rum and whipped cream 9,50 Irish Coffee G Double Espresso with Irish Whiskey and whipped cream 9,50 Baileys Latte G small Espresso with milk and Baileys 9,50 Eggnog Latte G small Espresso with milk and eggnog 8,50 Advokat G double Espresso with eggnog and whipped cream 9,50 Coffee Short Espresso 4,20 Small Espresso or Small Espresso with milk G 4,20 Double Espresso or Double Espresso with milk G 6,50 Melange G Black Coffee with hot steamed milk 6,50 Oma’s Häferlkaffee G Melange with milk and whipped cream 6,50 Large coffee G black or with milk 6,50 Cappuccino F.G Espresso with whipped cream 6,50 Schokocino F.G hot chocolate with coffee an whipped cream 7,20 Latte Macchiato G small Espresso with a lot of milk 7,20 Einspänner G Double Espresso with whipped cream 6,90 beverages All our coffee specialities are available with oat milk as well