Cafe Frauenhuber Menu

Frauenhuber You can find more detailed information about all allergens on page 21 in the menu. 21 main classics Fried sausage A.O with white cabbage and roasted potatoes 16,90 „Augsburger“ with rösti A.C.G.M.O fried or backed 12,00 Chef´s recommmendation: salad (small) 4,50 spinach 5,50 fried egg 5,20 Lentils A.C.G.L.M.O with bacon and bread dumpling 14,50 Hortobágy A.C.G.L Crêpes stuffed with minced meat and toped with paprika sauce 14,50 Grammelknödel A.C.G.O with roast juice and cabbage 15,50 Krautfleckerl A.C.G.D.M with mixed salad 14,80 Fried chicken salad A.C.G with potato salad, cucumber tomato, green salad and seed oil 19,20 Trout fillet A.D.G.M.O from Gut Dornau glazed vegetables and almond butter 28,50 Plaice fillet A.C.D.G.M.O baked with potato salad and sauce tartare 18,90 Egg dumplings A.C.G.M.O with green salad 14,50 Spinach A.C.G with fried egg and roasted potatoes 14,50 Fried white mushrooms A.C.G.M.O with sauce tartare 14,50 Fried cheese A.C.G.M.O with sauce tartare, cranberries 14,90 cranberries 2,00 french fries 4,00