Vienna's Oldest Coffee House
* * * Cafe Frauenhuber in the heart of Vienna! Reservations under the number +43 1 5125353. * * *

Welcome to the Coffeehouse Frauenhuber

Lean back and enjoy our coffeehouse, the oldest one in Vienna, where the Charme of the city has not moved out yet. Our waiters still address you with "gnädiger Herr" (Sir) and "gnädige Frau" (Madam). Enjoy a little break with coffee and cake or try one of the meals of our traditional Viennese cooking.

Where else all over the world could you possibly find a coffeehouse which is famous for having its guests dining next to musical entertainment, such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven back in 1788? Mozart´s last public performance took place in our coffeehouse at March 4th, 1791.

Savour the same intimacy as you would be able to find it in your own living room, next to a nice cup of coffee.

Our Menu


The menu of the day is updatet every day at 11:00 a.m.


Frauenhuber in Wien